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 Twokinds Voice Acting try-outs

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PostSubject: Twokinds Voice Acting try-outs   12/27/2010, 4:48 pm

Collection of voice acting try-out videos I did. Newest to oldest. You might find some of them funny, I often add something to the end of them. Especially the original #583. Only the first 45 minutes are voice acting try out.

2kA VA Try Out #4 - [Neutral voice editing test]
How's this?

2kA VA Try Out #583
Keith finds out how he got into power while Max, Conal & Taina wake up in the world of Twokinds.

Oh yeah, I used Taina's drawn head.

2kA VA Try Out #313 - #317
2 other voice actors this time.^^

Comic: http://2kinds.com/
Actors: http://2kA.us/

I spent waaay to long on this, most of the time was spent waiting for voice actors, but then I decided to add things like smoother stereos, then I decided to keep the audio at a consistent volume. I just kept biting more & more before I'd chew.

2kA VA Try Out #1 - #9

2kA VA Try Out #564 [2nd try]
I tried again, the last one had no acting.

Comic - http://2kinds.com/
Animators (fans): - http://2kA.us/

2kA VA Try Out #566 #567
I did all the voices. Expect improvements.

2kA VA Try Out #565
This time I had someone else to do the voices with. Trey.

The comic is from http://2kinds.com/
I never made it, Tom Fischbach did.

2kA VA Try Out Page #564 (Due for a remake, this one sucks)
Comic - http://2kinds.com/
Animators (fans): - http://2kA.us/

0:20 - Error.
My bad, WMM's bad or YouTube's bad.

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PostSubject: Re: Twokinds Voice Acting try-outs   12/31/2010, 1:27 pm

Pretty good. I loved the robot voice, that was a really cool effect! My only suggestion is that you talk a little slower next time. Not a lot, just a little bit so it sounds more natural. Other than that, nice. Smile
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Twokinds Voice Acting try-outs
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