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 Rap Smap

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PostSubject: Rap Smap   2/11/2010, 7:20 am

Eazy-e tryin to take the lead
Your doggie homie's on the tree
Your takin a wee
So i cum to see
I storm in and say
Your dog's on the tree
But you still take a wee
Cuz you wanna take down that tree
I say sh!t
You say wut
And then someone buys you a slut

PEACE afro

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PostSubject: Re: Rap Smap   2/11/2010, 9:25 am

Well heres my entry on this

Shits happened life comes n goes, who knows how much of a description shows, but with this perscription i know my torments about to begin, the medicines kickin in, i long for a new start, because eveything around mes fallin apart, Im sittin here with my broken heart, just smokin away my smarts, dont even got money for the mini mart. Damn its so fucked up the way ive been misleaded, So fucked outta luck on how ive been treated. I know my days are numbered, and my shoulders are encumbered, But what am i to do when im outnumbered. I gots ta hold my self up with this crutch seein as im the last to clutch, I long for a womans sweet touch, but I guess ill go on without any luck, still puffin on my dutch, trying to kill off these such, problems as they show up, for me to handle its too much, Dont know why im fillin you in on my problems, but I guess you may be able to ease this dimented mind of mine, Cuz these pills aint got me feelin fine, just like my dads crooked spine. This heartbreaks to much to define, to much to swallow and hold my head high, i know im drifting deeper n deeper into my own demise. The love i once felt will always be enshrined But i dont know why seein as it was all maligned Im just here to redefine the definition of decline. So bliztex if you feelin me just drop a text cuz this rhymes so perplexed I dont even know what im bout to say next so I guess you could say im blessed to have seen it all before the rest, like a game of chess. This is just how I express the stress that ive assessed girl I know im a mess and why am I tellin you this you askin Just becuz im tryin to stop this bullshit lyin. Maybe I wasnt fit for this world this i admit girl. This rapsheet of horrors been split n twirled. If Im to go on with this shit im gonna hurl. God why am i so terrified of what lyes on the opposite side. id rather stay incarcerated beside everything ive created inside. We nearing the end of this beautiful something but you need to understand That im making my stand I cant continue to listen to the leaders demands. I hope you will praise me on how well i comprehend these feelins To bad that its 2009 cuz 2012 is on the rise, still think im crazy? well listen baby you and i just aint the same

A night in peril are days of forever
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Rap Smap
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