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 Biography for Joanna...

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PostSubject: Biography for Joanna...   4/23/2010, 9:56 pm

*Sigh* If this character is going to be used in the V-Team series then her biography will be different. But if she's used in a personal comic of mine then I will keep her story the way I wanted it to be.

Name: Joanna
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Power: Ice.
Info: Her mother is a squirrel named <NAME‌ src="undefined"> who gives birth to this squirrel named 'Joanna' (my character). The father is Muhammad, profit of the Muslim faith. He is reincarnated by Allah & as a reward for leading Islam he is given a virgin to have sex with. This virgin is Joanna's (squirrel) mother who gives birth to Joanna.

Some Muslim extremists find out about this & decide to kill the mother for claiming that she had intercourse with Muhammad. The reason being is that they thought the idea of Muhammad having sex with a squirrel was blasphemous & shouldn't ever go public. The mother dies in hospital from gun shot wounds & stabbing to vital organs, but the child survives.

The child has gained special powers from being half Muhammad & half squirrel alien. These powers include having a bloodstream that is constantly at -20C to -22C (internally). The blood consists of properties that work similar to antifreeze. The powers enable her to create beams of freezing temperatures that can cause frostbite if the victim is in the way of it for too long. The power is most effective when the opponent is in water.

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Biography for Joanna...
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