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 Why I dislike Islam.

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PostSubject: Why I dislike Islam.   5/21/2010, 10:53 pm

Now the idea of religion personally offends me, but I dislike the Muslim religion most of all. I'm not saying that they are all bad, but I think that a lot of the hard core ones are. Let me explain why.

Women have to cover themselves when they're old enough to conceive until the day they die. Now that's just stupid. The reason that they do this is so that they don't tempt men, so basically, women aren't allowed to look for guys, they must be chosen by a man & in a lot of cases the marriage is already arranged. They might even be cool with this because they think it's what their god wants, but it makes their god a prick for wanting is inequality.

If a women is raped, they must be given lashes. If a women removes their covering things, they deserve lashes, if a women doesn't go along with marrying the husband, they get lashes. Now I don't know about you but that sounds pretty sexist to me. Whether or not they're okay with it because they think it's what their god wants, it's sexist & wrong.

If you mock their profit, Muslim or not you must die & burn in hell for eternity. Don't even think about naming your classroom teddy bear "Muhammad" if you did you should be given 16 lashes & years imprisonment. This happened once.

Britain tweaks laws for Muslims, we compromise things for the Muslim people so that they can practise their religion. We were very tolerant to do this, more than we should have (I believe). Yet we are not allowed to draw their profit. It may be against their rules, but it's not against ours.

Britain should not be intimidated by people who we let into the country with great compromising made for them to express themselves. We should not be too intimidated to draw Muhammad, we should not be too intimated to show off our flag & we should not be too intimidated to speak our opinion. Just because violent people with different rules who get offended easily came here doesn't mean that we should be under their restrictions too.

So here's what I encourage you to do:
Draw Muhammad, without fear.
Show off your England flag, without fear.
Say what you want about Islam, you have freedom of expression.

Don't ever let anyone take away your freedom. This is not about hatred towards Islam, this is about being free to say what you want about the religion. Thousands of people are now drawing Muhammad, it won't be long before it's millions. The extremists can't kill us all.

I'm writing this because I have the freedom to do so. I'm writing this knowing the possible repercussions. I'm writing this because I wanted to. I'm a free man & will not be controlled by Islamic extremists.

And now for a harmless doodle I felt like doing randomly.

I support the freedom of art.

This article is also available on facebook.

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Why I dislike Islam.
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