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 I am GOD!!!

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PostSubject: I am GOD!!!   5/23/2010, 7:43 pm

Or at least I feel like it. Why, you might ask? Because, (get this!) I just beat the original Sonic the Hedgehog with all the chaos emeralds, and I didn't even have to use a continue! That's right, I saw the good ending! I know, I know, I'm overreacting, plenty of people have beat the game with the good ending, but I'll tell you what, to this day, beating Robotnik feels great! I feel like I really accomplished something, because I'll tell you what, that game is HARD! I just barely got the last chaos emerald, and by the time I beat the last boss, I was sweating like crazy! Plus, it was a huge blast of nostolgia! Me and my dad, (aka Dad 'N Me) used to play Sonic all the time, and even though he beat the game a couple of times, I never actually played. Not until recently, anyway. I just happened upon a copy of Sonic Mega Collection recently, and as soon as I popped it in the old GC and I heard "Segaaa!", it all came back. Such great memories, really. Now I just can't wait to play through Sonic 2 and 3 with my little brother. I'm gonna be Sonic, and he gets to be Tails. I'm so excited! I know you really don't care that I beat the game, it's more of a personal achievement that I wanted to unload, but I guess the point is that the original Sonic games were so awesome, and that a good game can really make an impact. Which, by the way, is why Sega better not screw Sonic 4 up.
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PostSubject: Re: I am GOD!!!   5/23/2010, 11:29 pm

way to go spunky. Very Happy i used to play sonic the hedgehog with my cousin way back in the day. we always liked the tunnel thing you ran through.

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PostSubject: Re: I am GOD!!!   6/7/2010, 1:14 pm

I haven't completed it once with all the emeralds. :c

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PostSubject: Re: I am GOD!!!   

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I am GOD!!!
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