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 Delhomme Fumbles

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PostSubject: Delhomme Fumbles   12/28/2009, 6:28 pm

Fast food burgers

ok, this is what i got. Jake Delhomme can't handle himself under pressure on the field, so how will he take it.


He's movin' around, sweat starts rollin' down his face. A customer is starting to get aggrivated for waiting so long. Delhomme looks off into space like an idiot and gets hit in the head with several fries and some ice cubes. He fakes it around obstacles in the kitchen and picks up the burger. Furiously, he races to the front counter to hand the delicious and tender burger to the customer when suddently . . . .

The burger falls out of Delhommes hand and starts to fly through the air. Jake and the customer are both looking at it with suspense in their eyes. It flys past the customers head and lands on the floor. It splats, ketchup comes out the side, the top bun slides off, and one pickle sits lonely on the floor. Jake delhomme looks crushed and starts to get booed by the other customers sitting at their tables. The customer walks out and the screen fades to black.

I thought that was pretty good. It was my latest idea.

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PostSubject: Re: Delhomme Fumbles   1/2/2010, 10:09 pm

Lol jake delhomme does suck.
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Delhomme Fumbles
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