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 Two Kinds is the best comic!

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PostSubject: Two Kinds is the best comic!   6/1/2010, 7:24 pm

It's an interesting story written by a Korean from about the age of 16 (I think, he's 21 now) & is still making it. It takes place in a time that has medieval technology, but there's also magic, love, drama, political & social explorations. It's well worth a read, it just gets better & better but for god's sake don't skip through it.

It has furries in it, they're treated as animals. Used as slaves or pets, basically like how black people used to be treated. Although the comic DOES contain sex & hot scenes, it's not about that. So if you like the story then you'll like the comic & appreciate the hot scenes more. If you just want porn then go to Palcomix.com, but this comic is really worth a read for the story.


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Two Kinds is the best comic!
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