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 A song i wrote

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PostSubject: A song i wrote   7/18/2010, 7:00 am

This is a song i wrote called 'Deep within'
Wrote it on july 18th at 4:05 am

I'm conceded and my true emotions coming out!
Please forgive me baby i didn't want this to be
Ive lost my way and I'm afraid to to shout
But that's the only remaining feeling
Broken down for the remainder of the meaning

My spines on the outskirts
And this hurts, but its not as worse
As your skin crawling curse
I mean this and you need this
The only way you will leave me be
Is with a bittersweet ending

Running from this isn't on my list
Aggravated and pissed
Shuttering in the sight of your kiss
Once a reminisce of bliss
Now no more than a hit and miss

I'm stiffening, suffocating, I feel everything
You cant turn and say you don't
Because you do, and learn I wont
Be fooled into returning to you
Only memories will you earn
And as far as I'm concerned
Your loves dead, and burned

A night in peril are days of forever
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A song i wrote
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