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 More from the "Realm of Tray"...

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PostSubject: More from the "Realm of Tray"...   12/29/2009, 10:14 pm

This one is a lil somethin I wrote not too long ago. Interesting actually. lol. Read and enjoy!

(System of the Downed)

Your hopes and dreams are up high,
And then they hit the ground,
This is the system of the downed.

Everybody seems happy,
They seem found,
But your head is spinning,
Round and round,
sad to say,
But thats what is goin on now,
This is the system of the downed.

Nowhere to turn,
Where to start first,
Too many unanswered questions,
Your heads gonna burst,
What to do?,
And how?,
this is the system of the downed.

Wishing there was one who could understand and see,
This struggling, hurt, sad part of me,
Too bad, because theres no sound,
This is the system of the downed.

What's that?,
You asked what is the system of the downed?,
Where you smile physically,
But in your heart,
Theres a frown,

Young-when you're young,
You wanna live it up,
But hardships make you wanna give it up,

Held back,
You feel like you're stuck,
Gettin hit from all directions,
Cant even duck.

You want that chance to feel free,
Have fun,
Let loose,
Just once,


You're pessimistic,
Wanna be free and in the zone,
But you cant right now,
Join the rest of the crowd,
Your life is torn apart,
You're a member of,
The system of the downed.
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More from the "Realm of Tray"...
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