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 I'm DJing live! So tune in.

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PostSubject: I'm DJing live! So tune in.   9/29/2010, 4:11 pm

Okay, so; there's this club in Second Life which has just hired me as a DJ. I've got to do at least 2 hours or more of phat tracks. Normally they play electronic ambient shit that gets boring after 5 minutes, but I'm putting a stop to that. I have a sick list of tracks to mix for the club.

The playlist goes like: Mood kicking DnB, reggae DnB, dubstep rave, very dirty dubstep, dubstep, dubstep trance, trance, DnB dubstep, DnB hip-hop dubstep, hip-hop, DnB, hard trance, dance, dubstep, techno & those are the genres of the tracks I've picked so far.

If you want to tune in (& I suggest you do) either make a Second Life account on the mature setting (& use Pheonix Viewer, it's the best). Or tune into the podcast (if I can stream it somewhere accessible to a browser).

My SL name is: Conal Rhys


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PostSubject: Re: I'm DJing live! So tune in.   10/1/2010, 6:16 pm

I sucked 6 in a row? Neutral
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I'm DJing live! So tune in.
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