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 Hidden Gems

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PostSubject: Hidden Gems   12/18/2010, 9:29 pm

Have you ever played a game and really loved it, then talked to people and find out that nobody else has played it? If so, share it here. For me, this game is Henry Hatsworth for the DS. It's about an old English gent who finds a magic hat that opens up a portal to another world and he has to close it up before his rival Weaselby destroys the world. It's half platformer, half puzzle game, and the two elements blend really well. Plus, the story is funny and it's even got some twists in there. It's also wacky, as bosses include a slime monster, a Willy Wonka look-a-like, and opera singing Prince Charming guy, a black widow and a nurse that uses an old, deaf guy in a wheelchair as a weapon. And also a giant robot. The game is also really challenging. And it features a tea activated robot. You should play this game, you'll love it.

Your turn.
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Hidden Gems
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