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 Where can you buy Sonic 4?

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PostSubject: Where can you buy Sonic 4?   12/21/2010, 6:52 am

I've looked everywhere, but there doesn't seem to be a site that sells a PS3 CD of Sonic 4. Where can you get them?
Am I missing something here?

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PostSubject: Re: Where can you buy Sonic 4?   12/22/2010, 7:51 pm

Online! It's a downloadable title and it's episodic. You can download it from the Wii Shop Channel, XBox Live or Playstation Network. I didn't know you were into Sonic. Tell me how it is if you get it, I've been wanting it for awhile but don't have the time/money right now.
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Where can you buy Sonic 4?
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