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 My Simple Scary Story

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PostSubject: My Simple Scary Story   8/28/2010, 1:43 pm

Well, first, I am new here.

I made this story like a couple of days ago, and I thought you guys might like it:

Title: The Photo

There was a 12-year old boy named Samuel loved to look at photographs who would often take out his family pictures and view them for a long time. He would even take his father's camera and take some pictures on his own.

One day, when he was helping his mother cleaning the attic, he found and old photograph underneath a box of old toys. Samuel had never saw the photo before.

The photo showed an empty hallway with only one window. The window was dirty, however light was still entering the hallway from it. The lights on the ceiling seemed to be broken and shattered, as if nobody had fixed it in years. In the middle of the hallway, there was a skeleton lying on the floor. The skeleton appeared to be a corpse of a child who had died a long time ago.

Samuel couldn't tell when it was taken, or how old it was, so he asked his mother about it. "I don't know. In fact, I have never seen it or taken it before." his mother told him. Then Samuel asked about the photo to his father, but he didn't seem to know about it either. Samuel became very confused. Why would there be a photo that nobody in the his family be in their house? Could it have been another family member's picture that he or she had taken before they moved? Or was it that the wind blew it into the house? Either way, Samuel didn't know.

The next year, Samuel had graduated Elementary School, and went to Middle School. Samuel and his mother introduced himself to their teacher and their school principal. After they had introduced to themselves, the principal took him to the second floor. Then she pointed to a door. She told Samuel to never go into the room. Never in his life. She even told him that he shouldn't even take a peek in the room. Samuel asked why, but the principal just replied "Because I said so".

But Samuel was so curious about the room, so one day, when he was supposed to his 5th period class, he went upstairs, and to the forbidden room. However, when he tried to open the door, it was locked. So he took one look at the lock, took out a paper clip, and shaped it into a key for the lock. Sure enough, he was able to unlock the door. Samuel opened the door, and peeked inside.

No one knows what happened to Samuel that day. He never came out of his school ever again. So one day, the principal called the police to search for him. When they arrived, she told them to check inside the forbidden room first. The police got to the room, and they found out the door was unlocked. When they looked inside, they saw a frightening sight. An empty hallway with a dirty window and shatter lights. In the middle of the hallway, the police found Samuel's skeleton laying on the floor.
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PostSubject: Re: My Simple Scary Story   9/1/2010, 7:22 pm

Oh wow, pretty good stuff here. You should submit this to a Creepy Pasta site.
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PostSubject: Re: My Simple Scary Story   9/29/2010, 9:20 pm


A night in peril are days of forever
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PostSubject: Re: My Simple Scary Story   10/7/2010, 6:56 pm

Shit, That was scary pale
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PostSubject: Re: My Simple Scary Story   

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My Simple Scary Story
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